Kenya Safari: Touring Africa's Top Safari Destination


Safari Africa Kenya - Kenya is probably the prominent safari destinations in Africa, offering great activities like wildlife safaris, hot-air balloon rides, luxury safaris and beach holidays and others.


African safaris kenya - With over 50 national parks and reserves, Kenya is really a haven for wildlife lovers. Masai Mara Game Reserve, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, Mount Kenya and Tsavo national parks are the most common destinations among many Kenya safari enthusiasts.


The national parks, which can be in easy reach from the capital Nairobi, offer possibilities to stand up close with Kenya's big five - rhino, elephant, leopard, lion and buffalo - as well other species of wild animals.


Masai Mara Game Reserve is recognized as a must-visit for those seeking to enjoy the best which a Kenya safari can offer. The reserve houses 95 varieties of animals and over 400 species of birds.


Masai Mara is better known for the fantastic Wildebeest Migration, a dramatic annual event that sees countless wildebeests and zebras crossing in to the reserve from Tanzania's Serengeti National Park searching for water and pasture. The animals move back to the Serengeti as seasons change.


Masai Mara can also be popular for hot-air balloon safaris. The balloon rides, that are usually taken early each day, give tourists a spectacular aerial look at the Mara's wildlife. A safari to the Masai Mara does not automatically add a balloon ride and you may need to ask your agent to customise your journey to add the ride.


As well as wildlife tours, Kenya offers ample opportunities for memorable beach safaris. The land that is certainly endowed with wonderful beaches that stretch from Somalia for the Tanzania border is perfect for beach and honeymoon holiday safaris.


Lamu, a UNESCO world heritage site, is very well-liked by those seeking to enjoy their vacation in an intimate environment from the hustle of recent life. The archipelago has not many trappings of modernity and contains retained its 'rustic feel' despite being close to a number of Kenya's best beaches.


Lamu safari offers interesting insight into the Swahili and Islamic culture and traditions dating back 700 years. Historical walking tours, Deep-sea diving, snorkelling, game fishing, and dhow sailing are the activities that are undertaken throughout a tour of Lamu.


Deep-sea diving and snorkelling are major highlights of Lamu Safari. Although diving is comparatively unfamiliar with the archipelago, there are numerous great dive sites in the community awaiting to get explored by diving enthusiasts.


Lamu well known for the deep sea-fishing, with Kiwayu Island - located north of the archipelago- being ranked among the world's top 10 diving sites. Tuna, Sailfish, Wahoo and Kingfish Giant Trevally and Barracuda are the fish species which can be caught in Lamu.